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What I ordered vs what I got: Singer Icek of Artquake hands his Nigerian tailor over to God (photo)

A Nigerian entertainer has taken to social media to humour his fans and followers with the story of his experience with a fashion designer.

The music star identified as IceK of popular music group Artquake posted a photo collage on his official Instagram page, that featured what he ordered from his tailor and what he got in return.

In the photo collage, IceK was spotted in the piece of clothing that was designed by his tailor, while the second individual who appeared to be a model, was spotted in a smartly fitted version of what the singer wanted from his tailor.

IceK in his caption hilariously noted that he would save his tailor from embarrassment and would not mention his name. He, however, added that the individual should know that there is a judgement day coming in future.

“On today’s episode of what I ordered vs what I got My Dear tailor I won’t tag you but I hope you know that there is a day called judgement day,” his caption read.


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