“When I’m alone, I think properly, but when Eric is with me, my senses disappear.. he took advantage of that” – Lilo (video)


Former Big Brother housemate, Boluwatife Aderogba, better known as Lilo, says she got carried away by her relationship with Eric because anytime he came around, her senses disappear.


The 23-year-old graced the show’s host, Ebuka with an interview following her exit from the Big Brother house on Sunday and in course of their chat, she revealed that she may have regretted her actions.

Lilo’s short stay in Big Brother’s house was overshadowed by the ‘long’ minutes she spent being cuddled up in Eric’s arms and it got to a point fans grew tired of the lovey-dovey scenes. During the interview, the young lady seemingly agreed that just might have done better and probably still be in the house.

When Ebuka asked her why she returned to Eric’s arm shortly after informing Big Brother that he is a distraction and will start withdrawing from him, she responded

”That’s the thing. When I am by myself I think but once he is just there, it’s like my senses are all gone. I don’t know what he says or maybe me just being next to him. When I am by myself I think and I am like what am I doing? That is why I had to tell Big Brother because it really got to me. Sometimes I would even tell him that I am f **ked and he would always laugh about it. I felt like he knew and he just took advantage of the fact that I was weak towards him being sweet, being my cuddle buddy and all that.’

“I am also happy I left the house because I was getting out of my control”

See video below;




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