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When Seyi called me ‘puta’ was the end of our friendship – Tacha says, he replies (video)

The recent episode of BBNaija reunion saw Tacha and Seyi having the peace talk concerning their friendship gone sour.

In video clips which has since gone viral, Tacha opened up on the reason her friendship with Seyi ended.

According to her, despite opening up to him about the things she went through, he still went ahead to disrespect and insult her; something a friend shouldn’t do to someone they care about.

Tacha stated that their friendship ended the moment he called her a ‘puta’ which means prostitute in Spanish. She went on to accuse him of being “sexist” towards her as he was more often focused on her physical attributes than her achievements.

Tacha also explained that it was due to his behaviour that she stated during a live show that he couldn’t achieve what she has achieved at age 23. Seyi on the other hand, in his defence, stated that he only matched her energy.

According to him, she shouldn’t have expected respect when she was disrespecting him in the house. He stated that the reason he called her a puta was because she was trying so hard to own the throne of a bad b*tch.

Watch the video below:


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