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“While using the cream, my face became three times lighter than my body” – Actress Oma Nnadi Reveals How A Bleaching Cream Almost Ruined Her Acting Career

This year has been an adventure and teacher to Nollywood actress, Oma Nnadi as she took to social media to appreciate God for all she has been through and things he has saved her from especially bad influences and advice she got from friends.

The pretty actress, via Instagram, thanked God specially for a turn around in her skin colour, that took a negative effect in her career as an actress.

Using this medium, she equally tried to send out this important message to all the young girls out there as we all know they are the set that really get affected or influenced by their peers

Oma narrated saying;

“To God be the glory. This year is finally coming to an end and honestly, i cannot say less. Its been great 👍🏾. 3 best Lessons to others

1) never feel superior to others.

2) never wish others ill.

3) never assume the best cannot come to others but you. I once had a friend who tried to destroy my face through a cream she sold to me. She lured me into accepting it will make my skin pop.

Off course she is a good talker. While using the cream, my face became three times lighter than my body. You know what you call fanta face coke body.

When I complained, she says to use the cream all over my body so they will rhyme which i also did. Not until i started having very dark knuckles and decided to stop the cream that it attacked my face.

I didn’t get called for movie roles for more than two years except for a certain movie producer who was about the acting skills and overlooked the face.

Thanks my darling Uche N. So, as i was saying, this friend tells people i use cream made with relaxer but what she didn’t tell them is that she supplied it to me.

Well, Sorry to bore you with my story, its long gone just taught to share. In life, truth is: happiness conquers all and most time, the last shall be the first while the first shall go down to the bottom. Only applies to the guilty ones. But still, Forgive. I Did. Enjoy your holiday”


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