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‘Why I am always harsh to contestants’ – MTN Project Fame’s uncle Ben opens up

Ben Ogbeiwi, popularly known as Uncle Ben, the music director in the MTN Project Fame reality singing competition has revealed why he is always mean to contestants under his tutelage.

Known as the strict and no-nonsense teacher at the reality show, he told Sunday Scoop;

Learning about music is serious education. I am sure you once had a teacher who was mean to you; do you still remember him? I am sure you do. I didn’t learn in a mediocre style.
A lot of people want to be praised for what they didn’t achieve. I won’t allow that. If dignity is not in the industry, there is no way we will have any form of credibility. If you don’t learn properly, there is no way you can excel.
If people think I am mean because I am trying to teach my students, it is okay. But regardless of what people say, I will not change my style. Every time I say I want to leave Project Fame, they beg me to stay.

According to him also, adults are the most difficult people to train and he prefers working with children.

On why winners of reality shows struggle in the music industry, he stated:
Musicians who didn’t get into the music industry via competitions find it easy to relate to DJs, OAPs, and bloggers. But for those who won competitions, it is a different story. People are always after the money they collected from the reality shows because they want to take their share.

Ben Ogbeiwi is a seasoned musician able to play multiple instruments. His love for music started in the 80s and after a few years as a member of a church choir, he auditioned for and became a member of the group ‘Steve Rhodes Voices’ in 1990.

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