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Why I don’t identify as a woman — Singer Temmie (video)

Talented Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa has become the topic of discussion on the streets of social media.

The Controversial Nigerian music star got members of the internet community talking after sharing an interesting post on her Instagram page.

She recently took to social media to speak on the reasons why she doesn’t want to be identified as a woman.

Video Below:

As expected, the video elicited mixed reactions from her followers on social media, with some of them expressing concern.

Victor Kelechi Kingsley said:

Nah. First of all, you look extremely unkept Honey. You didn’t choose lesbianism. No straight thinking man can cope with a woman looking this greasy and unkept.
Secondly, Nigerian women get the respect they deserve for being women. (Neat, loving, care giver, loyal and respectful)… Except for the ones that have followed Ndi Ife n’eme n’isi.
Hollywood idea be messing with your head and you think everything goes.
Become a responsible woman, then you’ll receive the respect every woman deserve.

Prisca Duru said:

Other lesbians dey fine sha, where you get your own lesbianism from?Abeokuta i guess…
You and other lesbians wey fine dey zuzu


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