Why I killed My First And Second Girlfriend And Sold Their Heads To Muslim Cleric – Murder Suspect (Video)

According to reports, the men of Nigeria Police Force have nabbed a suspect who killed his first and second girlfriends and sold their heads for N20,000 each.

Narrating how it happened, he made it known that the first person he killed was his girlfriend, whom they both dated for four months and that there was a night he invited her over and during the night, he killed her by seizing her breathe with his hands and cutting off her head. He further made it known that, there was a Muslim cleric he sold it to for N20,000.

He said that a month after he killed the first one, he killed the second one as well and sold her head for N20,000 also, of which when he was asked what he was using the money for, he made it known that he do use to it drink beer at cool spot.

Narrating how he was caught, he said that when he killed the second lady, he sold her phone to one boy in his area for the sum of N2,000 but, he hasn’t collected the money when police operatives trailed the phone and the boy was arrested and he led them to him.

He further made it known that the family of the two ladies he murdered do not know him, when he was asked if the family members of the ladies he murdered didn’t ask for their daughters.

Watch the video below;


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