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“Why I underwent two plastic surgeries because i had flat buttocks” – Actress, Cossy Orjiakor opens up

Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor has made the news once again following her recent revelation on undergoing plastic surgeries to enhance her flat butts.

According to the Igbo born controversial entertainer, she underwent a second one early this year because she didn’t adhere to the post operation instructions given to her.

Speaking with Punch NG, She said:

“ I have undergone two plastic surgeries because I have flat buttocks . I had my first butt enlargement surgery in Lagos State , while the second one was done by a doctor- friend .”

“The first surgery was successful but I didn’t adhere to the instructions I was given. I was told not to sleep on my butt but I did. I didn’t also use the pillow that I was meant to.”

“So, my buttocks weren’t as huge as I wanted them to be and that’s why I went for a second one earlier this year. It’s so difficult not to lie on one’s buttocks for a month. Both surgeries lasted for two hours and I went home that day.”

“However, I wouldn’t tell you how much I spent on my body because I have learnt a lesson from my earlier revelations ,” she said .

Ojiakor also stated that she loved her boobs the way they were and would not consider surgery on them for now . She added , “My boobs are fine. They are bouncy , full and firm , and that ’s perfect for me . Right now , I ’m not touching my boobs . However, if it gets bad , I would do something about them . My boobs are natural . I have the biggest boobs in my family and I ’ve never suffered inferiority complex or felt insecure because of it. My parents gave me the best of everything .’

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