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Wife beaters in Edo state to get two years jail term

Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has signed the Violence Against Persons (VAP) Bill into law, which means wife beaters in the state will now get two years in jail.

The Governor stated that signing the bill was not a mere formality, disclosed that he will ensure it is implemented to the letter.

Obaseki who further disclosed that he was aware that the bill touches on fundamental practices among the people, added that the bill which stated that wife beaters will get 2 years jail term has been in consideration for over six to eight years. He said;

“We will not stop here by just signing the bill into law, but will commence the much difficult work of implementing it to the letter. It must be noted that this bill has been in consideration for over six to eight years but the time has come for us to have a law like this VAP Law, to protect the most vulnerable and weak in our society.

“As a government, we have aligned with the Federation of Women Lawyer (FIDA)’s purpose and objective and therefore have no hesitation in signing the bill into law,”

Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA), Hon. Kabiru Adjoto, told the governor that the newly signed VAP law will eliminate violence in private and public life.

“This bill prohibits violence against all persons and provides maximum protection and effective remedy for victims and punishment for offenders and other related matters,” he said.

He said rape is properly defined in the bill and a rapist will now spend his or her life in prison, adding, “If a man beats his wife, he risks two years in prison if the case is proven.

It is now an offense for men to abandon their duties of upbringing as the responsibility is not for women alone. Female genital mutilation now attracts life imprisonment without an option of fine.”


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