Wife of Kwara State Governor offers to help blue-eyed mum & kids abandoned due to their eye colour

Olufolake Abdulrazaq, the wife of Kwara State Governor, has offered to help the blue-eyed Kwara mom who was abandoned by her husband after she gave birth to blue-eyed kids.

Risikat Azeez moved back in with her parents after her husband, named Abdulwasiu Omo-Dada, and his family started acting up because of the unusual colour of her children’s eyes. When the animosity got out of hand, she left and her husband never came after her.

After the story of Risikat and her kids went viral, the Kwara State governor’s wife, Olufolake Abdulrazaq took to Twitter to express willingness to help Azeez and her kids. She said she has been in touch with the mother-of-two through her foundation, the Ajike People Support Centre.

She added that she would also work to possibly reunite the woman with her husband, but Twitter users did not approve of that part.

Risikat had mentioned that she would like her daughters to be well educated. She pointed out that her older daughter is 5 and hasn’t started going to school because of lack of funds.

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