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“With the way I love d**k, I can’t afford to be a lesbian” – Popular Stripper Denies Lesbianism Allegations

Popular African exotic dancer and stripper from Zimbabwe, Pinky – Cinderellah Sibanda, has denied lesbianism allegations being raised against her.

This follows the leaking of a picture in which she was supposedly having a “French kiss” with one of her girlfriends.

She denied the claims saying it was just a pose for a picture, talking to Hmetro she had this to say;

“I am not into lesbianism, I was never a lesbian. I was just posing for a picture with a friend chete.

“She is the one that was sticking out her tongue not me.

“It’s nothing strange though sometimes girls pose for pictures like that.

With the way I love d**k (male organ) I can’t afford to be a lesbian. I can’t even go without it (d**k) for a week” she said.

The stripper, who claimed her parents were senior members of Bulawayo Methodist Church, said the picture was taken sometime in June this year.


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