Home Entertainment News “Wizkid is not a good father” – Nigerian man drags Wizkid

“Wizkid is not a good father” – Nigerian man drags Wizkid

A Nigerian man Seyi Gbangbola has slammed singer Wizkid for choosing one of his sons over the others saying he’s not mentally okay to be a father.

According to him, Wizkid has three sons but is always seen with one ignoring the other two and that is a very bad habit a father should practice.

He said the fact that he loves one of his sons and has made it obvious by always being with him and ignoring the others make him mentally and emotionally not developed to be a father at all.

He, therefore, quizzed what will be the actions of the other two and what will be running through their mind knowing that their father loves one particular person which is Zion.

In his words, he said, “Wizkid is not fully developed as a man Emotionally and Mentally to be A Father. How can you have three beautiful boys, yet you’re only seen with one, how do you expect the other kids to feel Tori Olohun. What kind of mindset will the other kids have, I hope their moms are strong enough to answer all the questions and doubts running through their mind.

Some fans have however, reacted to the opinion of Seyi Gbangbola.

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