Woman narrates how Peter Obi intervened when she was about to miss her flight because there were no more seats

A woman recently narrated how Peter Obi intervened when she nearly missed her flight after waiting hours to board at the airport.

Uchenna Idoko, the Executive Director of Centre for Gender Economics in Africa, said she has been trained to be non-religious and non-political but Peter Obi’s action touched her humanity.

She explained that she was at the airport at 11am but her flight time was changed twice. When it was finally time to board, she was informed that there were no more seats and has to leave.

She said she shouted in a teary voice that she has been waiting since 11am and it was almost 6pm.

When it seemed all hope was lost, she said she turned to leave but an air hostess ran after her asking him to come onboard, after Peter Obi heard her voice and intervened.

She said the encounter left her with tears running down her cheeks and she prayed for Mr. Obi.

Read her post below:

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