Passengers on a cruise, prevented a woman from attempting to jump into a lake 7 metres deep, after she accidentally dropped her phone into it.

According to reports, after dropping the phone, the woman had to be held back from jumping overboard by cruise ship staff while trying to recover it. The woman was seen screaming as she tried to jump into the deep Lake.

The tourist claimed her phone contained important documents and she desperately needed it back.

Despite her pleas, officials at the alpine fault lake in Dali City, south-western China, refused to let the woman risk her life for the phone.

The cruise ship was reportedly travelling near the lake’s Nanzhao Amorous Island when the woman, who was taking photos, dropped the device from the third floor.

She appeared emotionally distressed and pleaded with staff members to help her find her phone.

Officials later agreed to send out another vessel.

However, the search yielded no results.