Woman seeks help for her ‘addiction’ to stealing husbands

A Nigerian woman has come forward seeking help for her addiction to “snatching” husbands from other women.

The Nigerian woman, identified as Sandra asked for assistance since she has a history of sleeping with the husbands of other women.

She claims she can’t stop snatching men from their spouses, but she does lose interest in a guy the instant he leaves his relationship for her, and she believes this is a therapist-required issue.

Sandra said; “I have a very big problem. Is there any therapist in the house cos I think my problem is not ordinary. I like stealing men. I get turned on easily when I am sleeping with another woman’s man. Be is husband or boyfriend. My girlfriends hated me for it.

But immediately the guy decides to breakup with his girlfriend so that we can fully go into relationship, I will loose interest in the relationship and opt out. I have slept with all my friends and classmates boyfriend. Immediately see your boyfriend or husband, that desire to sleep with him will come up.

One of my girls caught her boyfriend cheating on her with me, she broke up with him. D guy begged for us to go into full time relationship and stop d hide and seek. I lost interest immediately and I moved on. If a single guy came for a relationship. Immediately you told me you are single, I won’t date you. Is anybody in d same shoes with me? “

Infidelity can have devastating consequences for everyone involved, including the spouses, children, and extended family members. The woman’s behavior is not only harmful but can also be a symptom of a deeper underlying issue.

Addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, or in this case, infidelity, is a serious problem that can be difficult to overcome on one’s own. Seeking professional help and support from loved ones can be crucial in the journey to recovery.

In similar news, a Nigerian man has described how he attempted to reclaim his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that she is now married.

When he ran into them lately, he said he tried to make her husband jealous.

Adeola, who still misses his ex, claimed he offered the married lady a nice embrace in front of her boyfriend.

According to him, the husband was watching them, and he hopes that once they split up, the guy would get jealous enough to leave her.

Adeola indicated a wish to reclaim his ex-girlfriend if her husband ended their marriage out of jealously.

He wrote; ”Yesterday I ran into my ex, and we gave each other a warm hug while her partner watched us. Wallahi, I’m hoping he starts overthinking and breaks down so I can get my girlfriend back.”

Reacting, @rovertleinad said; You never know the value of something until you lose it. You see the love she gives with all of her being and you take it for granted, thinking you can easily get such from anyone…. Then you leave and you realise it isn’t so. Take your L chief and move on….

@rovertleinad; …I for support you ooo, but then I realise that would be a disservice to me. My future wife will be sum1 else’s ex too, and she will definitely be a blessing from God. Now imagine her ex praying I f**k things up cos of my insecurities so he can have her for himself. God forbid.

@Bucarai; U go soon begin pay child support for another man’s pikin or finance their wedding half way before your eye go clear.

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