Media reactions and criticisms have trailed a young Nigerian Muslim who has stated on social media that women also need four husbands just like their male counterparts.

A Nigerian lady identified as Halima Kumar has taken to her social media account and shared her thoughts on the practice of having more than one wife or husband.
The woman who is a Muslim, expressed that even though Islam allows men to have more than one wife if they wish, a lot of men use it as a way to be unfaithful.
She further noted that women should not give up on their happiness because of marriage, adding that women should also take more than one husband if they wish it.
According to her, God created Adam and Eve not Adam and many Eve 1, Eve 2, Eve 3 and so on. She expressed that women also feel sexual urges.
Kumar said:
 “Wallahi as a Muslim I know Allah created Adam & eve not & eve 1, eve 2, etc. Plus you all need to stop deciding you don’t deserve happiness & giving men free pass.
“It is not only men who can’t control their urges, women too needs 4 husband or wait that will be unrealistic.”
Other Muslims on social media were outraged about her interpretation of Islamic marriage.
Read their comments below: