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Young Boy narrates how his mum shaves his hair overnight

A boy has narrated how his mum cut his hair in the middle of the night, an experience which has left him traumatized to the point that he now feels awkward about parents.

In his post, the boy stated that his mum cut his hair on the grounds that it makes him look like a madman because it was full.

Taking to Instagram, the boy shared pictures of the damage done to his lovely punk as he calls for help concerning what may be the motive behind the act mostly done by Nigerian parents.

He wrote:

Hello sir/ma, I woke up today to something very weird, I don’t know that spirit in Nigerian parents that make them behave like aliens, I was sleeping and at midnight around 12am, I noticed something moving from Mt head and by the time I opened .y eyes, it was my mum she cut my hair with scissors telling me it’s too much that I look like a madman (ironically) now she had spoiled my hair since 1am that I woke you I have been crying … Please mummies and daddies why are you all weird please sir help me post this maybe some parents can give me the answer.


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