Young Nigerian soldier allegedly dies in motor accident


A young Nigerian soldier named Jerry Clement has seen his last day on earth after giving up the ghost following a fatal car accident. Just before his death, Clement had shared a post four months prior, asking God to shield him from Boko Haram.

Unfortunately for the gallant soldier, his prayer was answered but unknowingly was destined to die anyway. He was said to have died shortly after a successful battle against the terrorist group on his way back to the barest level of civilisation after staying in the forest.

In his post, Jerry said: “Lord help me in dis Boko harm”

See his post below:

Friends and family have been paying tribute to the young soldier on social media. One of his friends, Adebola said:

“Sometimes i wonder wat hope did we have in this life, how someone can jst die in the twin kel of an eye, we spoke 2 days ago and today he is no more , wat a great loss , gnr Jerry Clement u left too soon, bt god understand the unknown , i pray u make heaven insha allah. RIP BRO.”

See his photos below:


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