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Your video is a mockery & not funny – Face model Adetutu blasts Broda Shaggi for making fun of lady with tribal marks

Nigerian face model Adetutu who became popular for her courageous move to model for American singer, Rihanna, despite having tribal marks, has come out to criticize Instagram comedian, Broda Shaggi, over a recent comment he made.

Broda Shaggi had shared a video of a make-up artist who worked magic on the face of a lady with tribal marks and completely transformed her face.

The comedian who seemed to be displeased by the transformation noted that God will punish the people who invented make-up.

However, Shaggi’s comment fetched him a ‘knock’ on the head from Adetutu, who has gained a reputation for making a case for people with tribal marks.

The young lady condemned the comedian’s comment and made it clear that she is mad at him for thinking it is cool to make a mockery of people with tribal marks.

Adetutu noted that people like herself already get mocked all the time and as such, they should be free to make the decision of concealing their tribal marks with make-up.

She strongly noted that he needed to apologize to the lady he made fun of.

She said:

“That girl deserves an apology and this video makes me mad because it’s not fcking funny. People with tribal marks deserve to be respected and not to be mocked. And even if she consented to the concealing of the tribal marks by her makeup artist, you making a joke about it mocks the makeup artist and the tribal marked lady. She might not speak for herself but I have said my mind, the video is simply a mockery video and it’s not funny.”


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