Veteran Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor AKA Mama G has bemoaned the fact that the Nigerian movie industry is also suffering the same fate as the Ghana movie industry with the influx of foreign TV soaps.

Speaking in a recent interview, Mama G indicated that Ghanaian movie makers needed to match up to what was being aired in the foreign series. In other words, local content providers need to make top-notch series that would attract local viewership.

The actress added that it was only with the creation of good content that local movie producers could compete with foreign series.

The actress who is now an evangelist indicated that Nollywood was also faced with many series from foreigners which are aired on popular TV stations Zee World and Telemundo.

She lamented the fact that they had several challenges with their production. She cited the fact that some of the costuming in the telenovelas are wrong because a character could go to bed with make-up and wake up with the same make-up on their face.p

She further indicated that many people were not paying attention to costuming but rather were attracted to the story lines which were full of suspense.

She then encouraged movie-makers in Ghana to keep doing their best regardless of the low patronage.